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Trivia Quiz Room

A Sanctum of Cool & Unusual Punishment
for the Academically Masochistic

This page demonstrates self-scored quizzes! They are entirely for your own use. No grades are generated or reported.

For more on the educational logic and access to the web forms to make similar quizzes for your own web site, click here. (Not all of the quizzes on this page can be made with those forms.)

Most of the following are directed toward college students, sometimes even in my courses. If you are a person who likes testing yourself, these may amuse you. You may even learn something. If you are a low self-tester, there are almost certainly more interesting ways to spend your time.

Vocabulary Quizzes

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(These quizzes include words used in some of the world's leading English-language news sources (usually The Economist). They are therefore words that educated readers should know. But I have a (jaded) colleague who says college students are clueless, ignorant, and inarticulate and will find these quizzes and the news sources they come from completely impossible. Prove her wrong! In fact, she finally retired to go be a hermit and to spend her days feeling superior, but you may still have fun with the quizzes.)

College Life



World Geography

Other Stuff You Should Have Learned in School

Religious Studies Stuff

Chinese Studies Stuff

Pop Culture Trivia Quizzes

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