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Vocabulary Quiz 5

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Words in this quiz are taken from The Economist, July 29, 2006

1. "Yet as hopes in Mr Fukuda grew, so did his PREVARICATION. The issue of Yasukuni, which he himself had highlighted, might … give Japan's neighbours too great a sense of a government divided." (p. 37)
As hopes grew, Mr Fukuda tended
to tell outrageous lies 
to shift from one foot to the other 
to avoid making clear and explicit statements 
to become more ambitious 
to become more authoritarian 
No Answer
2. "The UN's Food and Agricultural Organisation is starting to establish local disease-control centres to cope with the effects of a VIRULENT mutation, should one occur, but reckons that only one-third of the country [Indonesia] will be covered by year's end." (p. 40)
What is feared is a mutation
that would be extremely infectious 
that would occur in a virus 
that would affect principally men 
that would produce children of abnormally small size 
that would affect domestic animals 
No Answer
3. "Cranes and bulldozers beaver away throughout the territory, building new high-rises. Like most of China's booming CONURBATIONS, Macau is paying an environmental price: the air is thick with smog and dust and the Pearl river has transferred some of its pollution to Macau's seas." (p. 40)
Macau as a conurbation, is
a post-colonial region in transition to its new status 
a colonial enclave on the border of a different country 
a place jointly ruled by two different countries 
a metropolitan area extending beyond a city and its city limits 
a collection of small cities rather than a large city 
No Answer
4. "This week Israeli ground forces sought out Hiszbullah (Hezbollah) bases in villages near the [Lebanese] border. But it has been heavy going against an enemy with a well-built network, REPLETE WITH bunkers, that hides men and weapons among civilians." (p. 41)
"Replete with" means that the same thing as
suspected to possess 
separately complemented by 
attractively decorated with 
No Answer
5. Hamas and Fatah, Mr Abbas's party, would form a joint government — a proposal that was nearly signed but got shelved just after Israel's INURSION began." (p. 42)
The proposal was abandoned after Israel
was founded 
had an election 
enjoyed prosperity 
became reluctant to continue the negotiation 
criticized the plan 
No Answer
6. "One of the [ethical] tests that human-rights analysts use to make these judgments [about the legitimacy of war] is that of proportionality, ALBEIT in a slightly different sense from the one Augusinians use." (p. 44)
In this sentence, albeit [all-BEE-it] can be replaced by
and even more outrageously 
and quite unexpectedly 
mendaciously claimed to be 
not really 
No Answer
7. "[Thais] would not dream of subjecting him [King Bhumibol] to the kind of prurient scrutiny that other royals regularly suffer, from Monaco to Malaysia. The few who think otherwise are kept in line by the occasional prosecution for LÈSE MAJESTÉ." (p. 74)
The prosecutions are for
trying to be more majestic than the king 
affronting the king's dignity 
disloyalty to the king 
trying to overthrow the king 
mocking the institution of kingship 
saying that the king is not descended from gods 
No Answer
8. "[Thais] would not dream of subjecting him [King Bhumibol] to the kind of PRURIENT scrutiny that other royals regularly suffer, from Monaco to Malaysia. The few who think otherwise are kept in line by the occasional prosecution for lèse majesté." (p. 74)
Other royal houses are subject to
criticism of their clothing 
disapproval of their political decisions 
interest in their sex lives 
generally negative opinion polls 
concern with how much money they spend 
a constant desire to see them drive through the streets in carriages 
constant attempts by tourists to catch a glimpse them when they are trying to work 
No Answer
9. "War might also, however, help the Islamists [of Somalia}, positioning them as the patriotic choice for ordinary Somalis against the supposedly quisling secularists in [the city of] Baidoa and their Ethiopian masters. Most Somalis have always hated the Ethiopians, whose support for the transitional government, far from saving it, has undermined it." (p. 45)
The secularists of Baidoa are seen by ordinary Somalis as
asking a lot of questions 
mere children 
No Answer
10. "Even the aged [Italian Renaissance artist] Bellini, patriarch of Venetian painting, was not too old to learn from the new energy around him. A sense of REVERIE had always pervaded his painting, but his late art, such as the altarpiece for the church of San Zaccaria (1505), possessed what Mr Brown calls a 'restraint and refinement' unmatched by any of his pupils." (p. 77)
Bellini's painting had always possessed a quality that was
innovative in its use of color 
proletarian in subject matter 
meticulous about portraiture while vague about backgrounds 
wanting to be admired 
No Answer
11. "Bracelin, who in less able hands could have become a cartoon villain, is also DEFTLY portrayed. Here is a man who, despite his thuggishness, corrects the grammar of his crew and can, when it matters, use his brain instead of his fists." (p. 76)
The author presented Bracelin with
a moral stain 
great skill 
extreme detail 
a certain prissiness 
No Answer
12. "Her FEIGNED affair with Snow, to protect her from the attentions of the crew, only emphasises the bosun's feelings of inadequacy." (p. 76)
Her affair with Snow was
of long duration 
desired but not accomplished 
No Answer

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