Quiz created: 1999/9/4

Presidential Quiz (2)

Instructions: Answer the multiple choice questions, guessing if necessary; then click on the "Process Questions" button to see your score. The program will not reveal which questions you got wrong, only how many points you have. Go back and change your answers until you get them all right. (The message box will rejoice at that point and the page will change color in delight.)

Points to note: (1) Questions with only one possible answer are one point each. (2) Questions with one or more possible answers (represented by check boxes) give a point for each correct answer, but also subtract a point for each wrong answer! (3) The program will not attempt to score your efforts at all if you have not tried at least half of the questions. (4) This quiz is for your own use only. No record of your progress is kept or reported to anyone.

1. Which American president resigned in office?
2. Which American president was famed for his charge up San Juan Hill?
3. Which American president was first impeached?
4. Which American president first came to office on the assassination of John F. Kennedy?
5. Which American president was in office during World War II?
6. Which American president came to power at the death of Abraham Lincoln?
7. Which American president is associated with the "War on Poverty"?
8. Which American president is associated with the League of Nations?
9. Which American president died after only 30 days in office?
10. Which American president was married to Eleanor Roosevelt?
11. Which American president is particularly associated withe the "Roaring Twenties"?
12. Which American president was in office when the stock market crashed in 1929?
13. Which American president officially recognized the communist People's Republic of China as the legitimate government of China?
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