Bishop Vladika

Quizzes Created: 1996-11-15
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Amazingly Cool Quizzes on Topics in the History & Ethnography of Christianity

Background: In the course of preparing materials for a graduate course on the "Ethnography of Christianity," I amused myself by creating several little quizzes to highlight some of the rich cultural background of the Christian tradition. Some of the items are historical or ethnographic, some folkloric, many art-historical, a few scriptural. None are particularly obscure within their contexts, but most people, Christian or not, will nevertheless stumble a bit at least sometimes, I suspect.

Instructions: In each block of questions, select the correct items. The computer will not tell you the right answers. However it will tell you how many of the entries in a given section you have right. If you don't have them all right, the way to learn the correct answers is to work though the ones you are unsure of by trial and error until you do get them all right!

(The theory here is that this makes you think about what you know and how sure you are of it, and may even teach you something new.)

Have fun.