Quiz created: 2015-03-28

Modern Christianity (Quiz 6)

Arrange the following Popes in chronological order. (The credit for this entire set of Christianity quizzes depends upon this question. Get this one right, and it counts as getting all of them right. But then, who’s counting?)

When you think the ordering is correct, click the button that says "Is this right?" If it is, the screen will change color to show that the Answer Genie is tickled pink. (Caution: The Answer Genie may become impatient if you bother it with wrong answers.)

This quiz is for your own practice only; no record of your progress is kept or reported to anyone.



This consummately cool, pedagogically compelling, self-correcting,
linear ordering quiz was produced automatically from
a simple text file of items using D.K. Jordan's
dubiously original, but publicly accessible
Linear World Quizmaking Program
of March 24, 2015.