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Modern Christianity (Quiz 1)

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1. Some books of the Bible are canonical for Catholics but not for most Protestants. Which of the following books of the Bible is canonical neither for Catholics nor for Protestants?
No Answer
2. Which of the following Catholic shrine sites is not dedicated principally to the cult of the Virgin Mary?
No Answer
3. The following parts of the Latin mass have inspired important works of European musical art. Only one of these is spoken every Sunday, in English translation, in many Protestant churches across the United States. Which one?
Salve Regina 
Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti 
Credo in Unum Deum 
Patrem Omnipotentem 
Te Deum Laudamus 
Ave Maris Stella 
No Answer
4. At which event did the church decide that the Pope's word is infallible when he speaks ex cathedra?
First Council of Nicaea (AD 325) 
Second Council of Nicaea (787) 
Council of Claremont (1095) 
Ninety-Five Theses (1517) 
First Vatican Council (1870) 
Second Vatican Council (1962-65) 
No Answer
5. An exarch is
the outermost buttress of a Gothic church 
the innermost buttress of a Gothic church 
a church official below a patriarch in Orthodoxy Christianity 
a choral response to the final benediction at the end of a mass 
a kind of demon that will appear in the Last Days 
No Answer
6. The word "evangelical" is associated today with particularly enthusiastic proselytization and eagerness to make the Bible relevant to all aspects of life. But originally it referred to
papal infallibility 
German Protestantism, especially Lutheranism 
Scottish Presbyterianism 
liberal interpretations of the Bible rather than literalistic ones 
opposition to translations of the Bible lest the sacred text be corrupted 
No Answer
7. The famous "Dead Sea Scrolls" have been associated with the Essene order of ascetics headquarter around the Dead Sea. The include texts
written by Jesus' James 
confirming existence the famous "three kings of the Nativity," now known to be Persian priests 
describing the life of the Virgin Mary 
combining Greek philosophy with Hebrew prophecy and history 
including a whole book of lamentations over Alexander's conquest of Persia 
from the Old Testament 
from the Gnostics of Alexandria 
No Answer
8. The famous "Nag Hammdi" manuscripts, from Egypt, have been associated principally with
Coptic Church hierarchy 
Coptic opposition to the Church of Rome 
the disciple Bartholomew 
No Answer
9. Although modern Baptists trace their intellectual roots to the Anabaptists, specific historical descendants include: (Select 3.)
Christian Scientists 

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