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Vocabulary Quiz 11

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1. [Author of The Evolution of God, Robert] "Wright wants us to notice that religions grew most when they stressed COMITY, not conflict. Christianity, for instance, caught fire only when St. Paul sold his listeners on the concept of universal brotherhood, an idea that no faith had offered before. A similar message underlaid Islam's early growth." (The Week, 090626, p. 21) "Comity" refers to
bathing and good grooming 
joint ownership 
widely shared decision-making 
avoidance of conflict 
No Answer
2. "As 50-year comedy veteran Bob Newhart puts it: 'Television is an INSATIABLE beast that must be fed by writers who pore through news reports for the tiniest tidbits to keep their mateiral fresh.'" (CSM 090913, p. 14) A beast that is insatiable is one that
cannot be conquered 
is too big to fit in its cage 
dies without constant attention 
is always hungry 
No Answer
3. "While a circumspect middle ground is needed, the current approach is misguided. The US and the international community have lent enough support to the Transitional Federal Government [of Somalia] to TAINT the government's public relations campaign, but not enough to help it effectively govern."(CSM, 090913, p. 27) When one "taints" something one
props it up after its death 
colors it 
assists it 
removes it 
poisons it 
No Answer
4. "Treasury officials now face a TRIFECTA of headaches: a mountain of new debt, a baloonon of short-term borrowings that come due in the months ahead, and interest rates that are sure to climb back to normal as soon as the Federal Reserve decides that the emergency has passed." (NYT 091123) A "trifecta" is
a group of three gods worshipped as a holy family 
a three-headed demon mentioned in ancient Greek myths 
a system of betting where the better must pick the first three winners in the correct sequence 
a series of three injuries in quick succession that counts as an automatic loss in boxing 
No Answer
5. [Socrates, if living in America today,] "would avail himself of America's as of Athens's freedom of speech, and simultaneously be horrified by the SPECIOUSNESS of the speech that Americans choose to make." (The Economist 091219-61) Speech is "specious" when it is
plausible but fallacious 
repeated over and over 
tediously long and wordy 
strongly partisan 
devoid of beauty in the way it is presented 
No Answer
6. "The atmosphere in general was kind of somber for the occasion, a barometer of STRAITENED times perhaps." (New York Times 091209) Something is "straitened" when it is
confined to a single direction 
slightly late 
ahead of its scheduled arrival 
limited or restricted 
available only to a small number of people 
No Answer
7. "D. K. Jordan, in all his PROLIX glory, expatiated ad infinitum on the genetic stability of sorghum." (Former MMW-1 Student) Jordan is being prolix when he
wears especially colorful clothing 
is hard to understand 
speaks or writes with very colorful examples 
speaks or writes at unnecessary length 
subtly includes references to the content of an upcoming exam 
No Answer
8. "The coming year, however, will be a miserable one for Barack Obama. This is not only because of the iron law of WANING novelty. His second year as president will expose the underlying weakness of the political coalition that elected him Ω" (The Economist "World oin 2010", December 2009, p. 39) When something is "waning," it is
becoming irrelevant 
making meaningless noise 
exhibiting rising maintenance costs 
No Answer
9. "The tide [in Iran] may indeed be turning against the supreme leader, his dreadful president, and even the cracking CARAPACE of clerical tyranny." (The Economist 100102-9) A "carapace" is
the underside of a turtle shell 
peeling paint that spreads poisonous lead 
a corrupt political system 
something which moves very slowly 
No Answer

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