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Background Knowledge About China

Background. All of the questions in this quiz reflect background knowledge about China that will be assumed rather than covered in AnRg 137 (Chinese Popular Religion).

If you have much difficulty with this quiz, you may find it difficult to assimilate the readings and discussions in AnRg 137.

This quiz is for your own use only. No record of your progress is kept or reported to anyone.

Instructions. Answer the multiple choice questions, guessing if necessary; then click on the "Process Questions" button at the end of the quiz to see your score in the adjacent message box. The program will not reveal which questions you got wrong, only how many points you have. Go back and change your answers until you get them all right. (The message box will rejoice at that point and the page will change color in delight.)

The program will not attempt to score your efforts at all if you have not tried at least half of the questions.

1. Which of the following dynasties is the earliest?
Han  Tang  Zhou  Qing  Ming  No Answer
2. Which spelling best renders into English the sound spelled "quan" in romanized Chinese?
kwahn  kwahng  kywen  kyan  chwahn  chywen  No Answer
3. Which is furthest south?
Guangzhou  Shanghai  Beijing  Taibei  Wuhan  No Answer
4. Which "national minority" people lives furthest to the northeast?
Miao  Uigur  Tibetan  Manchurian  Yao  No Answer
5. The following named religions are practiced in China. Which was practiced earliest?
Islam  Nestorian Christianity  Buddhism  Lamaism 
Catholicism  Taoism/Daoism   No Answer
6. Two quite different systems of spelling are used to represent Mandarin words in Latin letters: Pinyin and Wade-Giles. How is the Wade-Giles syllable hsien spelled in Pinyin?
xian  qian  shian  sian  si'an  No Answer
7. Which date is closest to the time of Confucius?
8. The Chinese emperor was overthrown and the nation was converted to a republic in what year?
1490  1805  1911  1949  1978  No Answer
9. The island of Taiwan was legally ceded by China to Japan in 1895 but was retroceded to China after Japan's defeat in World War II. Since the establishment of a Communist government on the Chinese mainland, Taiwan has been under the administration of a separate government, which calls itself
the Republic of China 
the Republic of Taiwan 
the People's Republic of China 
the Taiwan Democratic Republic 
the Kuomintang 
No Answer
10. The governments of Taiwan and China do not formally recognize each other, but each of them officially claims that Taiwan is legally
a province of China 
an autonomous territory under the principle of "one country, two systems" 
a separate country from China 
a part of Japan  
No Answer
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