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Vocabulary Quiz 2

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Points to note: (1) Questions with only one possible answer are one point each. (2) Questions with one or more possible answers (represented by check boxes) give a point for each correct answer, but also subtract a point for each wrong answer! (3) The program will not attempt to score your efforts at all if you have not tried at least half of the questions. (4) This quiz is for your own use only. No record of your progress is kept or reported to anyone.

Words in this quiz are taken from The Economist, Nov. 12, 2005

1. "The French labour market is THROTTLED by restrictions such as the 35-hour week, a high minimum wage, and tough hiring and firing rules." (p. 11) These restrictions
power the labor market 
characterize the labor market 
undercut the labor market 
no longer apply to the labor market 
No Answer
2. "Thomas Paine condemned the SOMNOLENCE of Britain's 18th-century parliament." (p. 13) He objected to its
being outdated 
excessive zeal 
interference with royal prerogatives 
No Answer
3. "The American refugee Committee's Louise Paterson believes a million people are at risk for HYPOTHERMIA." (p. 42) They are in danger of
4. "Mr Blaire's legislative programme seems almost calculated to IRK his party's rebels." (p. 13) His program
aims to annoy those in his party who disagree with him 
aims to lead his party to unite in rebellion against the opposition 
involves financial matters that others believe should be kept hidden 
provides too little money 
No Answer
5. "When Yasser Arafat died … the OBSEQUIES were combined with a sense of new opportunity in the Middle East." (p. 14) The sense of opportunity accompanied Mr. Arafat's
friends and enemies, newly united 
importance in other countries 
No Answer
6. "But a new and PRAGMATIC Palestinian leadership … might alter the entire psychology of this conflict." (p. 13) What would change things would be leaders who were new and
war-prone  humanistic  strong  realistic  secretive  theocratic  No Answer
7. "Right now no serious diplomacy appears to be taking place beyond the REITERATION by all sides of the significance of the international 'road map.'" (p. 14) All sides are
renouncing the road map 
endorsing the road map 
trivializing and ignoring the road map 
repeating themselves 
No Answer
8. "… anti-Americanism is to blame for some of the OPPROBRIUM heaped on his country." (p. 16) Anti-Americanism has caused his country to be the recipient of
military attack 
trade sanctions 
excessive quantities of cheap goods 
No Answer
9. "But why encourage [trouble-makers] so CAVALIERLY?" (p. 16) The trouble-makers are being encouraged
without concern for consequences 
duplicitously in order to crack down on them 
at great cost 
on horseback 
No Answer
10. "[Emergency shelters in Kashmir] … are seeing more and more patients with pneumonia and other RESPIRATORY complaints, as well as some serious burns cases; some of those sheltering in tents after their houses were destroyed have been trying to heat them." (p. 42) In addition to burns, an increasing number of patients exhibit problems related to
11. "Is [Ethiopian President Zenawi] the BON VIVANT who provided sterling service as a member of the Commission for Africa…? Or is he essentially a rebel leader, who will happily toy with democracy in order to stay in power?" (p. 50) If he is a bon vivant, it means that he
is a responsible leader 
believes in democracy 
is a spy 
aspires to return to farming 
is well educated 
likes to live well 
No Answer
12. "Liberia has also been a HAVEN for all manner of hustlers, gangsters and terrorists." (p. 52) For these undesirables, Liberia has been a
No Answer 
No Answer
13. "Work is the ARCHETYPAL social activity [leading to immigrant assimilation]." (p. 58) The employment in question is
No Answer
14. "It would be a surprise if a book on the NOMENCLATURE of plants were to become an international best-seller…" (p. 88) The book is about
plant names 
plant diseases 
how to raise healthy plants 
the history of cultivated plants 
native locations of plants 
plants as endangered species 
No Answer

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