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Harry Potter Trivia Quizzes

Here we go, Hogwarts trivia fans:

If you are really into trivia, give a run at these quizzes from Book 1 (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone). Quizzes don't get much more trivial than these!

In fact they are so hard that all the items have page numbers so you can look them up when it gets overwhelming! Is that trivial or what?

I. Sequential Trivia

  1. Quiz 1
  2. Quiz 2
  3. Quiz 3
  4. Quiz 4
  5. Quiz 5
  6. Quiz 6
  7. Quiz 7

II. Matching Quizzes

  1. Harry Potter's School Books
  2. Harry Potter's Teachers
  3. The Game of Quidditch

III. Secret Passages