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Harry Potter Book I: Totally Trivial Trivia Quiz:

Harry's Teachers & Classes (p. 133)

Instructions: For each class in the left column enter the number of the corresponding teacher from the right column. If the number you enter is correct, the right answer will be copied to the adjacent box. Otherwise a "sad faced smiley" will appear in that space. NOBODY wants to deal with a "sad faced smiley"!

When all the boxes are correctly filled in, the screen will change from Slytherin green to Gryffindor red to show its manic enthusiasm.

The first item is done for you as an example. Some items in the list on the right may be used more than once or not used at all.

This quiz is for your own practice only; no record of your progress is kept or reported to anyone.

Harry Potter

Defense Against Dark Arts
History of Magic
1. Binns
2. Flitwick
3. McGonagall
4. Mme Hooch
5. Mme Pince
6. Quirell
7. Rowling
8. Snape
9. Sprout
10. Stuffington

Possible points: 8

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