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Excursions to Take

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This quiz presents a number of descriptions of inviting tours from a brochure by International Expeditions (www.ietravel.com), edited to shorten them and to omit the names of the countries visited, which you need to guess from clues in the descriptions.
1. Spend two days at Mount Hagen, where tribes gather to dance, drum, sing, and decorate their bodies. Then voyage along the Sepik River to visit villages of these remote areas. You'll also snorkel on fine coral reefs.
2. We visit the the great temples of Abydos and Dendera and spend a night at Abu Simbel.
3. Our expedition include sites from the coastal town of Mumbai to the temples of Khajuraho and the great city of Jaipur. We visit Kanha and Bendhavgarh National Parks, signature wildlife areas.
4. The cities and towns are beloved for their architecture, history, and medieval buildings Explore the best in Dubrovnik, a city with a wealth of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture.
5. Among the most remarkable elements in our three nights in the Serengeti at a private tented camp set up especially for your group in an area where wildlife is most abundant at the time of your visit. We also visit the Samaburu Reserve, which sits north of the equator and is home to animals not seen in other parts of the continent.
6. The ship visits islands populated only by wildlife and glaciers, shorelines and forests that few people will ever see: high mountain peaks, tidewater glaciers, and a network of waterways where Magellanic penguins, elephant seals, and sea lions congregate
7. A major focus of our journey is the High Arctic's extraordinary wildlife: walruses, foxes, reindeer, and caribou, and polar bears. Marine mammals such as humpback and minke whales, dolphins, and perhaps even blue whales may be our companions
8. We'll go deep into the jungles to the spectacular ruins of Tikal, Caracol, and Yaxha, hear howler monkeys roaring in the high jungle canopy, and snorkel along the extensive Barrier Reef.
9. The Pantanal is the holy grail destination for people who love wildlife. This remote region has a mosaic of habitats just a stone's throw from one another: pristine wetlands, tranquil rives and lakes, lush gallery forests, and expansive savannahs. You're apt to see a huge amount of wildlife: giant anteaters, marsh deer, giant river otters, tapirs, hyacinth macaws, rheas, and perhaps even the elusive jaguar. We also explore Iguazu Falls, one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world.
10. An unquestionable highlight is the "lost city" of Machu Picchu. we'll also explore the wonderful city of Cusco at 11,000 feet above sea level and visit some of the final plazas and monuments. You'll see the impressive ruins of Ollantaytambo, one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world.
11. The country includes an extraordinary variety of experiences: walking through cloud forests to see the aerobic skills of capuchin and spider monkey and look for quetzals. Our unique itinerary takes us to Tortguguero National Park, the Monteverde Cloud Forest, and to Corcovado and Ballena on the Pacific coast.
12. With savannahs, forests, lakes, and snow-covered peaks, we'll see some of the most astounding landscapes. Enjoy the thrill of tracking mountain gorillas, looking for chimpanzees, seeing the Mountains of the Moon, and exploring both Kihale and Queen Elizabeth National Parks.
13. From verdant fields dusted with kaleidoscopes of wildflowers to snow-capped mountains bordering alpine lakes, to towering garnet sandstone cliffs, to the dunes of the Gobi Desert the diversity and wild beautify of the landscapes are overpowering.

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