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Religious Studies Trivia Quiz #1

Instructions: Answer the multiple choice questions, guessing if necessary; then click on the "Process Questions" button at the end of the quiz to see your score in the adjacent message box. The program will not reveal which questions you got wrong, only how many points you have. Go back and change your answers until you get them all right. (The message box will rejoice at that point and the page will change color to show it is tickled pink.)

Points to note: (1) Questions with only one possible answer are one point each. (2) Questions with one or more possible answers (represented by check boxes) give a point for each correct answer, but also subtract a point for each wrong answer! (3) The program will not attempt to score your efforts at all if you have not tried at least half of the questions. (4) This quiz is for your own use only. No record of your progress is kept or reported to anyone.

1. The Chinese monk Xuan Zang is famed for his quest for Buddhist scriptures, which is chronicled in what famous novel?
Journey to the West 
Dream of the Red Chamber 
The Scholars 
Tale of Ah-Q 
Water Margin 
No Answer
2. The Mexican wind god Ehecatl is a manifestation of which other figure in the ancient Mesoamerican pantheon?
Moteuctzoma  Coatlicue  Xipe Totec  Quetzalcoatl 
La Llorada  No Answer
3. A famous pilgrimage route of late Medieval Europe stretched from Romacadour in France to what city in Spain?
Santiago de Compastela 
No Answer
4. The first apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe to the peasant Juan Diego took place on a little hill near Mexico city where the famous shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe stands today. What is the name of the hill?
Taxco  Tepeyac  Popocatepetl  Ixtaccihuatl 
Monte Alban  No Answer
5. The famous "running of the bulls" in Spain is associated with the feast day of what saint?
6. The proverb, "Where three walk together, one must be my teacher" is associated with what tradition?
7. The Chinese art of locating graves and buildings, and sometimes even furniture, in a way that is in accord with the flow of positive forces over the world is called what?
feretory  geomancy  lion dance  apostasy 
astrology   No Answer
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