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Vocabulary Quiz 4

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Words in this quiz are taken from The Economist, July 22, 2006

1. "Nevada has plenty of spare land, most of it owned by the federal government and long idle BAR the occasional nuclear explosion." (p. 34)
The federal land
is reserved for nuclear tests 
is in a long, narrow shape 
is not used for anything if you don't count the occasional nuclear test 
is unused now that there nuclear tests have been prohibitted 
is used as a legal training ground for sportsmen exercizing their right to carry nuclear arms 
No Answer
2. "It is tough to make long-term plans in Nevada; the population is fast-growing but TRANSIENT, and the economy is hyper-sensitive to future changes in other states' gambling laws." (p. 34)
The population is fast-growing, but made up of peole who are
No Answer
3. Mr. Bush's veto does not kill stem-cell research. Scientists who SPURN federal cash may do as they please. (p. 35)
To do as they please, the scientists must
conform to federal rules 
use not more than 50% federal money in their research 
use no federal funding 
contribute to the federal research endowment 
give lip service to the President's position 
promise not to waste the federal money 
No Answer
4. "In Estonia and Latvia, the fear is of runaway growth … that risks a crash. One possible cooling mechanism would be for the two to open their labour markets to migrants, but neither government has the vision or GRIT to push that through." (p. 49)
Both governments lack
armed force 
popuilar support 
No Answer
5. "To be fair, cynicism and TIMIDITY over reform are not unique to the post-communist bit of Eruope. Nor are extremist or populist parties." (p. 49)
Regarding reform, many European governments exhibit
No Answer
6. "Cyprus joined the EU in 2004 as a divided island. The government in the southern (Greek) part is officially recognized; the northern (Turkish) part is recognized only by Turkey, and is under a trade embargo. … Turkey, they say, is seeking membership; it has promised to open up its ports; it should now do it. After that, the EU might reconsider the trade embargo. …to the Turks, it puts the union in the INVIDIOUS position of demanding that Turkey keep its word when it has not kept its own." (p. 52)
The position is invidious in that it it
is inconsistent 
creates anger 
is self-serving 
is invalid 
is illegal 
benefits a traditional enemy 
No Answer
7. "On July 12th, a RECLUSIVE billionaire launched an inflatable spacecraft into orbit … from a military base in Yasniy, Russia, on a converted intercontinental ballistic missile."(p. 79)
The billionaire
tends to waste his money 
is flamboyant 
hides from publicity 
is an advocate of a global economic system 
usually gains more money than he losees regardless of the project 
No Answer
8. "Mr. Ajami has a sadly nostalgic section on the fine poets and liberal intellectuals who prospered in Baghdad in the first half of the 20th century. … The book gives way to a FORLORN litany of the tragic events and missteps since Saddam Hussein's fall."(p. 79)
The litany is forlorn because
the author feels abandoned 
it is written in the style of a fairy tale 
it is involved with religious ritual 
it is hair-raising 
the events are not listed in chronological order 
No Answer
9. "[Anna} Trapnel became a religious ZEALOT, fasting to the point where visions of Daniel appeared to her as frequently as other pepl drank cups of … coffee." (p. 81)
She was a zealot because of her excessive
trust in religious leaders 
lack of trust in religious leaders 
preference for religious leaders over political leaders 
devotion to a cause 
No Answer
10. "Mr [Roger 'Syd'] Barrett was now the msot famous [figure] in British rock. Slight as his OEUVRE had been, it proved impossible to forget. His death, from complications of diabetes, brought an outburst of regret from rock stars and fans who were still following him." (p. 83)
Barrett's oeuvre was slight in that
he had no fever with it 
he was sick for only a short time before he died 
his life was very short 
his artistic productivity was low 
he was very small 
he had a weak voice 
he couldn't carry a tune 
it was much smaller than other guitars 
all the members could fit in a single small van  
No Answer

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