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The Eighteen Arhats (16)

The Gatekeeper Arhat
(Kànmén Luóhàn 看门罗汉)

Zhùchá Bàntuō-jiā 注荼半托迦 was the younger twin brother of Bàntuō-jiā 半托迦, also known as Chángshǒu luóhàn 长手罗汉, the Long-Armed Arhat (Arhat number 10). The two brothers were inseparable, although the Long-Armed Arhat, because of his remarkable arms and his brilliant mind, always outshown his younger sibling, who was considered dull and ordinary by comparison.

As a result Zhùchá Bàntuō-jiā was assigned especially menial duties among all the disciples of the Buddha, pouring tea for the others, or looking after the needs of visitors. And that is why he is called The Gatekeeper Arhat (Kànmén luóhàn 看门罗汉).

photo by DKJ
Indian Names: (Cuda-panthaka or Chota-Panthaka or Pantha the Younger)
Chá-pànzhā-jiā 荼畔咤迦
Zhùchá bàntuō-jiā 注茶半讬迦
Zhùchá bàntuō-jiā 注荼半托迦 (commonest)
(Chá, not tú, is the correct reading of in this name.)
Chinese Names:
Kànmén Luóhàn 看门罗汉, the Gatekeeper Arhat
Zhùchá Bàntuō-jiā 注茶半托迦, the Bàntuō-jiā Who Serves Us Tea

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