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The Eighteen Arhats (6)

The Arhat Who Crossed Rivers
(Guòjiāng Luóhàn 过江罗汉)

photo by DKJ

Bátuó-luó 跋陀罗 had been a servant to the Buddha when the Buddha was a prince. It is said that he was called Bátuó-luó because he was born under the bátuóluó tree 跋陀罗树, which means "tree of virtue" (xiánshù 贤树), and so his parents called him by that name. Nobody knows if he had another name.

After he had become a follower of the Buddha, Bátuó-luó was filled with the desire to spread the good news of the way to avoid suffering, and he set out to eastern India to spread the faith. Both his enthusiasm and his profound mastery of the true nature of things helped him on his way. He is said to have passed over the rivers effortlessly, like a dragonfly, while meditating with his rosary. And so he is called "The Arhat Who Crossed Rivers."

Indian Names: Bhadra or Tamra Bhadra
Bá tuó luó 跋陀罗
Chinese Name:
Guòjiāng Luóhàn 过江罗汉, the Arhat Who Crossed Rivers

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