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The Eighteen Arhats (2)

The Joyous Arhat
(Xǐqìng Luóhàn 喜庆罗汉)

Of all the Buddha's disciples, Jiāfá-cuō 伽伐蹉 was famed as a great debater. It is said that he knew all systems of thought, good and bad, and was the most well-spoken in explaining them, which was very useful, because there were so many systems of thought among the seekers of truth in the time of the Buddha, and all of them had points that seemed good or bad, although sometimes further thought changed a person's initial impressions, and arguments that had seemed good suddenly seemed bad, and ones that had seemed bad showed themselves to have hidden strengths.

His vast knowledge enabled Jiāfá-cuō to sort easily the true from the false and what was wise from what was foolish. Being able to distinguish the true from the false allowed him to live in peace, but being able tell the wise from the foolish, he could live in joy.

For this reason, he is known as "The Joyous Arhat."

Indian Names: Kanāka-vatsa
Jiānuò-jiāfá-cuō 迦诺迦伐蹉
also shortened to Jiāfá-cuō 伽伐蹉 (commonest)
Chinese Names:
Xǐqìng Luóhàn 喜庆罗汉, the Joyous Arhat
Huānxǐ Luóhàn 欢喜罗汉, the Joyous Arhat

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