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The Eighteen Arhats (3)

The Arhat Raising an Alms Bowl
(Jǔbō Luóhàn 举钵罗汉)

Nuòjiā-bálī-tuó 诺迦跋哩陀, like other followers of the Buddha, was a beggar, dependent upon the charity of virtuous and generous people. But his manner of begging was different from others. He would never ask for gifts, even though he was a beggar. Instead, he would raise his begging bowl above his head and would chant. Some people grew weary of his chanting and gave him food to be rid of him. But some people were soothed by his chanting and gave him food because they easily recognized him as a truly holy person.

And so he is known as "The Arhat Raising an Alms Bowl." He was a very hairy man, and is sometimes therefore shown that way in pictures and statues.

Indian Names: Kanāka-bharadvaja
Jiānuò-jiābálí-duòdū 迦诺迦跋厘惰阇
also written Jiānuò-jiāfá-líduò-dū 迦诺迦伐厘堕阇
sometimes mis-written Jiānuò jiā-bálí-suígé 迦诺迦跋厘隋阁
also shortened to Nuòjiā-bá lī-tuó 诺迦跋哩陀 (commonest)
Chinese Names
Jǔbō Luóhàn 举钵罗汉, the Arhat Raising an Alms Bowl
Jūntú-bōtàn Luóhàn 君徒钵叹罗汉, the Arhat Raising an Alms Bowl

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