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The Eighteen Arhats (4)

The Arhat Who Holds a Pagoda
(Tuōtǎ Luóhàn 托塔罗汉)

photo by DKJ

The last of the disciples recruited by the Buddha in this life was Sūpín-tuó 苏频陀, who always kept the name of the Buddha in his heart.

He came to the Buddha when the Buddha was dying, and when his disciples sought to protect him from the pressures of new seekers hoping to learn a last bit of wisdom from him. But Sūpín-tuó was unusually persistent, desperate to find enlightenment, as a person might be desperate to breathe when held under water. And at length he was allowed to see the Buddha, and to become his very last disciple on this earth.

Sūpín-tuó is usually shown holding a pagoda, and so he is called "The Arhat Who Holds a Pagoda."

photo by DKJ
Indian Names: Suvinda or Shubhinda
Sūpín-tuó 苏频陀
Chinese Name
Tuōtǎ Luóhàn 托塔罗汉, the Arhat Who Holds a Pagoda

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