Iliad Files:
0. Introduction
1. Before the Iliad
2. Iliad Synopsis
3. After the Iliad
4. What Really Happened?
5. Character List
6. Queries

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Iliad & the Trojan War



Map 1. The map at left provides context for the maps below.(You know what countries border the Black Sea, right?)


Map 2. The map at the right shows the names commonly used for general regions (not individual cities) in Greece. It is for you to use both to read the Iliad and to amaze kin, dazzle friends, and confound enemies.

(Now you don’t have to fake it any more.)

Map 3. The map below shows some of the place names of particular importance in the Iliad. (How far is Troy from modern Istanbul? Just asking. Can you find Troy on GoogleEarth? Check it out.)

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