Iliad Files:
0. Introduction
1. Before the Iliad
2. Iliad Synopsis
3. After the Iliad
4. What Really Happened?
5. Character List
6. Queries

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A Beginner’s Guide to the Iliad & the Trojan War

5. Appendix: Principal Players in Homer’s Iliad

Greeks, Trojans, Gods

English spelling of Classical Greek names varies, since English has sometimes used the Latin version and has sometimes followed the Greek (not always represented the same way in Latin letters). The most common such difference is final Greek -os as against Latin/English -us. The spellings here are in reasonably general use.

I have thrown in the Greek spellings for readers figuring to join sororities and fraternities and therefore needing to learn Greek letters, and I have added rough approximations to the usual English pronunciations of most names. The pronunciations are for the most part based on Catherine B. Avery’s The New Century Classical Handbook (New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1962). Their “phonetic” spellings are my own inventions. (The Greek "hard breathing" sign, corresponding to the English letter H, is almost invisible on computer typefonts. In this list an initial apostrophe has been used instead. Thus ͑Ελενη or ̔Ελενη becomes 'Ελενη. 'Ελενη is technically wrong, but the mark is visible.)

In most cases the father of a character is here noted. This is because Homer sometimes called his characters by their patronymics. A patronymic (for example Atreides, “children of Atreus”) was formed from the root of the father’s name (Atre-us) plus the ending -tes or -ides for men, -is for women. For Homer’s audience, kinship was an important part of the story. Reader-friendly translators suppress these, but translators seeking to be closer to the original retain them.

Part I: Greeks (Achaeans)

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Part II: Trojans & Their Allies

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Part III: Gods

Iliad Files:
0. Introduction, 1. Before the Iliad

2. Iliad Synopsis, 3. After the Iliad

4. What Really Happened?

5. Appendix: Character List, 6. Appendix: Queries Next file

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