Itzik Fadlon

Associate Professor of Economics


"Paternalism and Pseudo-Rationality: An Illustration Based on Retirement Savings" (with David Laibson), Journal of Public Economics, 216, December 2022

"How Sticky is Retirement Behavior in the U.S.?" (with Manasi Deshpande and Colin Gray), Review of Economics and Statistics, December 2021
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"Family Labor Supply Responses to Severe Health Shocks: Evidence from Danish Administrative Records" (with Torben Heien Nielsen), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 13(3): 1-30, July 2021

"Primary Care Physician Practice Styles and Patient Care: Evidence from Physician Exits in Medicare" (with Jessica Van Parys), Journal of Health Economics, 71, May 2020

"Family Health Behaviors" (with Torben Heien Nielsen), American Economic Review, 119(9): 3162-3191, September 2019
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Quartz 1 & 2

"Household Labor Supply and the Gains from Social Insurance" (with Torben Heien Nielsen), Journal of Public Economics, 171: 18-28, March 2019

"Do Employer Pension Contributions Reflect Employee Preferences? Evidence from a Retirement Savings Reform in Denmark" (with Jessica Laird and Torben Heien Nielsen), American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 8(3): 196-216, July 2016

"Return Migration, Human Capital Accumulation and the Brain Drain" (with Christian Dustmann and Yoram Weiss), Journal of Development Economics, 95(1): 58-67, May 2011

Working Papers and Work in Progress

"Equity and Efficiency in Technology Adoption: Evidence from Digital Health" (with Parag Agnihotri, Christopher Longhurst, and Ming Tai-Seale), 2023

"Measuring Valuation of Liquidity with Penalized Withdrawals" (with David Coyne and Tommaso Porzio), NBER Working Paper 30007, 2022
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"Causal Effects of Early Career Sorting on Labor and Marriage Market Choices: A Foundation for Gender Disparities and Norms" (with Frederik Plesner Lyngse and Torben Heien Nielsen), NBER Working Paper 28245, 2022 [Online Appendix]
Media mention: A4 Ligestilling (in Danish)

"Market Inefficiency and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Social Security's Survivors Benefits" (with Shanthi P. Ramnath and Patricia K. Tong), NBER Working Paper 25586, 2019