Craig R. M. McKenzie
Rady School of Management
Department of Psychology

9500 Gilman Drive - MC 0553
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla CA 92093-0553

tel: 858.534.3739
fax: 858.534.0745
cmckenzie at ucsd dot edu

I am a cognitive psychologist interested in inference, uncertainty, and choice. Most of my research explains errors people purportedly make in the laboratory by (a) adopting a different (usually Bayesian) normative approach to the task of interest and (b) taking into account the informational structure of the environment. I often find that "errors" are the result of people behaving as (qualitative) Bayesians who make reasonable assumptions about task parameters that reflect how the world usually works. I don't claim that people never make mistakes, only that people's behavior is much richer, more interesting -- and often more rational -- than usually depicted in the judgment and decision-making literature.

Selected recent publications:

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PhD Courses
  • Psyc 209: Topics in Judgment and Decision Making (Winter 2022)
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  • Psyc 237: Human Rationality (Winter 2024)
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  • Psyc 272: Selected Topics: Artifacts in Psychological Research (Winter 2015)
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Updated January 7, 2024