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The Ethnography of Christianity

Index of Materials on This Web Section

For several years I offered a graduate anthropology seminar called "The Ethnography of Christianity," and was charged with a brief survey of the ancient Hebrews in a freshman world civilization course. A few of the materials prepared for use in those classes, plus a few others that are available on this public web site, are indexed here for free use for educational purposes. Depending upon the course, some of the materials here have interactive quizzes associated with them.

The pictures here and accompanied by (unrelated) quotations at the foot of this page change whenever the page is reloaded. They originally decorated the tops of the seminar syllabus and other course pages. In most cases the copyright status of the pictures is unclear; if you own the copyright to one of them, feel free to ask me to remove it.

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  1. Reference Materials
    1. Chronology of Christianity
    2. Major Christian Heresies (stated with stark simplicity)
    3. Amazingly Cool Christianity Quizzes
    4. Annotated Bibliography on Christianity
    5. Catholic Religious Vocabulary
    6. Miscellaneous Web Links on Christianity
  2. Ethnographic Description
    1. Día de (los) Muertos: Day of the Differently Living
      (Composed as a light-hearted introduction.)
    2. Day of the Dead in Mixquic
      (Composed to complement related Aztec readings.)
  3. Scripture Passages
    1. The Life of Jesus (Abridged) (defective link)
      The Life of Jesus (Abridged) (alternate link)
      (Gospel extracts combined to make a quick overview of the canonical account of Jesus' life and ministry.)
    2. Hebrew Sacred History
      (Heavily selected extracts from Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Isaiah, and Jeremiah to provide a world civilization class with a general sense of the ancient Hebrew "contract with God.")

    3. Four Hebrew Tales (Reformated or re-edited from the public-domain bibles with introductions and notes added.)
      1. Tobias & the Angel (The Book of Tobit)
      2. Jonah & the Great Fish (The Book of Jonah)
      3. The Story of Judith (The Book of Judith)
      4. Susanna & the Elders (from The Book of Daniel)
  4. Other Documents for Discussion
    1. Christian Documents for Class Discussion
      (Includes both credos & common prayers, in Latin and English, including The Lord's Prayer, Hail Mary, The Ten Commandments, The Seven Last Words of Christ)
    2. Voragine: The Story of St. Nicholas (Tr. by DKJ. Bilingual.)
    3. Muirchu: The Life of St. Patrick (Tr. by N. White.)
    4. Nican Mopohua: Here It Is Told
      (The original text of the alleged apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe in 1531. Bilingual presentation, with pictures, originally intended for use with the Nahuatl materials listed elsewhere.)

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