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Annotated Dictionary of Anthropology
Together With Expansions, Rants, & Obiter Dicta

A Guide for College Students

Main Links: Underlined links on this page access a data base of annotated definitions of technical terms in anthropology, especially the anthropology of religion. (The listing is eclectic, since it responds to various courses I have taught. Some annotations are cranky.) (Example: Plow)

"More About" Pages: A separate data base includes slightly longer comments that I sometimes link to course web pages with the tag "more about …". They are listed here with the label "more." (They are also cranky sometimes.) (Example: Cacao)

Essays: In some cases this web site contains an entire free-standing page on a more complex topic. Some of these are listed here, identified with the tag "essay." (Example: Tea)

Linguistic Terms: Linguistics is today a separate discipline with a huge technical vocabulary of its own. But any discussion of language sooner or later involves tried and true terms like "noun" or "participle." A compendium of such terms is separately listed as Grammar Terms: A Guide for College Students

Catholic Terms: I formerly taught a graduate seminar on the ethnography of Christianity and compiled a reference list of Catholic terms for use in it (link). When terms in that list happen to be listed here, a cross-link is added with the label "Chr."

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