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Tales of the
Living Buddha of Golden Mountain

Chapter 9: Greatness Transforms the
Southern HeavensEditorial Note;
Worshipping at the Great Golden Pagoda


In the winter of the 18th year of the Republic of China (1929), the Living Buddha went to Rangoon, Burma, to attend a ceremony at the Great Golden Pagoda (Dàjīn tǎ 大金塔). One leader of the Chinese community there, Chén Qīngyùn 陈清韵 was himself Catholic, but his wife was a reverent Buddhist, and they had a six-year-old grandson who had been mute from birth.

Mrs. Chén brought her grandson to pay their respects to the Living Buddha.

"The disciple pays her respects to the master (Dìzǐ cānbài shīfù 弟子参拜师父)," she intoned, kneeling before him.

"Excellent! Excellent! This child and I were destined to meet," replied Miàoshàn.

"Quick, child, kowtow to the monk," urged the grandmother, and the little boy obeyed.

"Here, lad. Drink this water and you will be able to talk," said Miàoshàn.

"How did he know the boy was mute?" asked Mrs. Chén to herself.

The boy drank the water.

"Have you finished it? asked Miàoshàn?

"Yes, I have."


"Grandson! You can really talk!" In wonder and delight Mrs. Chén kowtowed before the Living Buddha.

When Mrs. Chén and her grandson had returned home, Mr. Chén was amazed, and he wanted to embrace the faith of (guīyī 皈依) the Living Buddha, and they all set out to the Great Golden Pagoda. And from that time on, many Chinese living in Burma worshipped at the pagoda, and embraced the faith of the Living Buddha. Editorial Note

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