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Tales of the
Living Buddha of Golden Mountain

Chapter 6: How Bandits Assaulted the
Living Buddha Along the Road

The wonderful healing skills of the Living Buddha attracted much attention, and many people came to see him each day. Some donated red envelopes full of money for his support in the hope of getting good fortunes and avoiding misfortunes. The Living Buddha, far from ceremonially refusing them, accepted these contributions and sent them to the treasury of the Monastery of the Golden Mountain to be used buy rice for those who lived there.

One day three thieves noticed that Miàoshàn received many contributions, and also that he often walked about with a large sack, which they concluded must be filled with money, so they resolved to rob him. They followed him a short way, when he entered a privy, so they waited outside for him to come out.

But he did not come out. Eventually they wearied of the wait, and kicked open to door. But to their surprise, the tiny building was empty.


"That's strange."

"Where could he have gone"

"Could he have fallen into the hole? Hmmm. Ugh! No. He's not down there."

"We'll have to get him tomorrow. No, wait, here he comes!"

"Stop right there!"

"What's the matter?"

"You're a monk using medical cures to make money. But we brothers don't even have money for food."

"So you be nice and help us with some money, monk! Otherwise …"

All three of them took our their large knives and glowered at Miàoshàn.

"There are lots of treasures in the world. Here, help yourselves"

He threw them the sack. The pounced eagerly on it. But it was full of rocks and bricks.

"Damn! You're putting one over on us."

"Not at all. These are treasures that can relieve hunger. I'll show you." With that he ate a couple of the rocks, which became soft as they went into his mouth.

"What the hell kind of wicked cult (xiémén 邪门) is this?!"

"Have you heard of cause-and-effect retribution? Good deeds bring good fortune; but sin brings suffering. All suffering and happiness are created by your own heart. You should repent early and return to the path of understanding."

Seeing what they had seen, and now hearing this, the three thieves bowed down.

"Living Buddha, we were wrong!"

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