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Aztec Chronology



The following table combines material from many sources. Dates vary from source to source. Further, even when the Aztec year is known, the conversion to Western years may vary because the year ends do not coincide. Many of these dates are far more problematic than some authors suggest, but I have followed the ones that seemed to me most coherent.

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There is far more detail here than you need to know. The most important events are boldfaced. I suggest reading through the whole list, however, noting how the Mexica (Aztecs) come to consolidate their power and dominate the entire region.

The picture above and to the right, shows the Valley of Mexico as painted by José María Velasco, 1840-1912, one of Mexico's finest landscape artists. Much of Lake Texcoco still remained at that time. The lower picture, also by Velasco, shows the snow-capped mountains Popocatépetl "Smoking Peak" (right) and Iztaccíhuatl "White Lady" (left), which dominated the landscape of the valley.


Genealogy of the Aztec Royal House

Green = Emperor (tlahtoani), Yellow = Royal Woman, Blue = Royal Man


This diagram is based on several sources and is under constant revision. Dates are compromises among various sources. For more on conflicting dates, click here.

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