ANTH 42: Primates in nature

Spring 2010

Jim Moore

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About makeup quizzes:

Just to make sure we are on the same page: because the bookstore ran out of books, makeups on the first two quizzes are allowed. Those have to be done before Saturday April 17. I'm willing to be as flexible as possible in scheduling, but please note that this isn't saying I'm available 24/7. To take the makeup, you need me to be present. Please don't put it off until the last moment that you can do it, because if I can't do it at that time, well, problem. For you...

Other than those first 2 quizzes, unless you let me know ahead of time you can't make it or have a medical excuse, there's no makeups. If you get to class during the quiz, just do your best (and note that you were late on the quiz); no guarantees but I will take that into consideration (obviously if you are repeatedly late, I will take that into consideration...).

If you have any questions about quiz policy please ask. "I thought it was OK to ..." is not going to work at the end of the quarter.

Something to think about: on the 3rd quiz, nearly 70% of those sitting in the front half of the class got 5 of 5. For those in the back half of the room, it was about 40%. Cause and effect get complicated, but it was a striking pattern.

Southern California Primate Research Forum (24 April)


(note that the video clips are not included in online lectures.)

Lect 1

Lect 2

Lect 3

Lect 4

Lect 5

Lect 6

Lect 7

Lect 8

Lect 9

Lect 10

Lect 11

Lect 12

Lect 13

Lect 14

Lect 15

Lect 16

Lect 17

Lect 18

Why bonobos
will save
the world

Lect 19

Lect 20

Reminder, review sessions in SSB 105, Thursday and Sunday 5-7pm.

Optional readings

Important paper on one way to know stuff
Platt 1964

Fossil record
Dating methods (Wiens 2002)
More dating methods

Comparative method
Allometry handout

Mechanisms underlying behavior (grossly oversimplified)
Nerves & hormones handout

Human variation
AAPA Statement on Biological Aspects of Race
Cartmill 1998

Evolutionary biology and social equity
Chisholm & Burbank (2001)

Sex & gender & biology
The science of gender and science (debate between Steven Pinker and Elizabeth Spelke)

Another take on natural selection