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Random query: Why can't first-year students with sophomore standing caused by AP units sign up for freshman seminars (ANTH 87)?
They can, except that somebody in the Registrar's office apparently programmed the computer so that it automatically shuts out what it believes to be "non-freshmen."
The problem arises so often that there is a special web application to ask for an "exception": https://academicaffairs.ucsd.edu/Modules/Students/PreAuth/SubmitRequest.aspx. (I can't see it because I am not a student, but I am told it collects the data and submits it to the department's Registrar Whisperer, who can handle the matter.)
If the web application doesn't work right, the matter can be handled by Brittany Wright in Anthropology. Please Email her (anthroadvising@ucsd.edu, x4-0110) and provide her with (1) the section ID and name of the course and (2) your name and student ID number. She should then be able to tickle the computer system to admit you if there is still space. She has a thousand things to do all the time, so you should allow a couple of days for this.
Random query: Are graduate students allowed to take upper-division courses?
Graduate students can enroll in courses at all levels, as I understand it, but cannot receive credit for lower-division undergraduate courses (anything numbered below 100). In many departments, including Anthropology, a graduate student can fulfill "elective" requirements with undergraduate courses. However most graduate students prefer to confine themselves to graduate courses in order to write longwinded papers instead of taking ego-damaging final exams.
Random query: Are lower-division students allowed to take upper-division courses?
Usually, yes, although sometimes it requires a petition or other special permission. Some instructors think lower-division students lack the background for upper-division courses, but obviously that depends on the field, the course, and the student. I normally welcome students at all levels.
Random query: Why doesn't Triton-Link lead directly to the real class web site instead of this rather stupid page
My impression is that it is allowed to link only to UCSD servers.
Random query: Why is the class web site located on a non-UCSD server?
The campus computing authorities disabled the Social Sciences server for ten days with no explanation a few of years ago, making all on-line course materials temporarily inaccessible. Since then, I have been unwilling to trust it with materials (such as syllabi or required readings) critical to the functioning of a course. The main web site for each class is therefore located at dkjordan.net (hosted by a commercial internet host). Many assigned materials remain on the UCSD server, and the two accounts are designed to link seamlessly to each other. However, the dkjordan.net site can be made to mirror the UCSD materials if need arises again.

UCSD Students Rejoice Hysterically at Being in Jordan's Class
(Picture shows simulated joy.)


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