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I. Contact Information (Office Hours &c.)

Students Outrageously Natter on Cell
Phones (or possibly merely belch)
As Jordan Lectures About Boring
Old Skull Named Clementina,
Who Keeps Ominously
Licking Her Spectral
Office Hours
Since I ended normal teaching with Winter Quarter, 2019, I no longer have regular office hours. Please contact me for a special appointment if needed.

Office hours are a time when students are welcome to drop in without prior appointment. In some cases other students are already there, and if nothing is particularly private about what is being discussed, multi-party conversations can be enjoyable.

Despite orientation-week propaganda about the advantages of one-on-one student-faculty interaction, most students avoid office hours because professors are terrifying and/or smell funny, so there is rarely a crowd.

Various contingencies occasionally make professors late or keep them away from office hours, although they usually try to have this announced on the door or the web site or both.

For a ridiculously extended discussion of college office hours, click here.

II. Contact Information (Other)

Dept. of Anthropology, UCSD
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0532 USA

Located at: Soc. Sci. Bldg (SSB)
Room 282*
   tel.: +1-858-822-0751 (direct)**
tel.: +1-858-534-4145 (dept. sec.)
fax: +1-858-534-5946 (dept. machine)
Tweeting, friending, & texting:    Forget it.

* Office. This office will be assigned to someone else in Fall, 2019 and any meetings will need to take place in gardens, bars, coffee shops, libraries, or other locations.

Note to newcomers: SSB (Social Science Building), on the Roosevelt campus near RIMAC and the Supercomputer, is not the same as HSS (Humanities & Social Sciences Building), on the Muir campus, which does not actually house any social science departments. (Don't ask.) It is also not the same as the Student Services Center (SSC) east of the Chancellor's Office. (There is an official campus on-line map on which SSB is numbered 490. Click on "Buildings/ Roosevelt College /Social Sciences Building" and SSB will turn purple.)

** Telephone. I check my voice mail (1-858-822-0751) only when I happen to come through the department, but the answering robot can take a message or offer you an alternative telephone number. Like all answering machines, it tends to make messages sound mushy, so speak slowly and distinctly and repeat a lot. This phone number will probably be transferred to someone else in Fall, 2019. A new contact number will be provided here at that time.

*** Email. I do not look at Email every day —more like once a week on average. I also have all available spam filters trying to protect me from pornographers, thieves, corporations, and idiots. Please avoid spam-like subject lines such as "Hi!" to avoid being filtered directly into the E-trash. If your are a Nigerian widow, please do not ask me to marry you or launder money.

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