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(Because I am retired, my teaching load is diminishing as I sink slowly into the west. Sorry about that.)

Present & Projected Classes

Spring Quarter, 2018

Fall Quarter, 2018

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Recent Classes

Recent Undergraduate Four-Unit Courses

Recent One-Unit Freshman Seminars

Recent Graduate Courses

Discontinued Classes

Discontinued Undergraduate 4-Unit Classes

(When I became an administrator in 1994, I was no longer required to teach, although I continued to do so. This continued to be the case after I formally retired in 2004. Several classes taught in the past have dropped off the end of the approval shelf because they have not been taught for a long time. Just for the record, here is a list of some of these. Graduate students interested in pursuing some of these topics are invited to discuss the matter with me.)

Discontinued One-Unit Freshman Seminars

(What is a one-unit seminar are why are there three numbers for them?)

Discontinued Graduate Courses


UCSD Students Rejoice Hysterically at Being in Jordan's Class
(Picture shows simulated joy & hysteria.)

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