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The End of an Era: Sinking into Desuetude

I joined the UCSD faculty in 1969.I officially retired in 2004, but continued teaching, so 2018-19 was my 50th year at UCSD.

Winter, 2019, was my last term teaching. In recent years all or nearly all readings have been on various web pages, normally created for the purpose by me. When copyright is have not intervened, these files, like course syllabi, lecture review notes, and so on, have also been open for public use.

I anticipate continuing such public pages of the web site —the vast majority— as are not specific to particular courses. (In general, materials located on the ucsd.edu server —about 6,000 files— will probably remain available, with occasional updates or supplementation, until my eventual death. Materials on dkjordan.net will be eventually be removed, or in a few cases modified for broader use, and added to ucsd.edu.)

Public materials are indexed at China-Related Resources on This Site and at Teachers' and Students' Resources Available on This Site when they are about anything else (advice for for interviewing, essay on epidemic disease, dictionary of anthropology, guide to ancient metallurgy, textbook of Nahuatl, &c, &c.). In general I have resisted listing any resource in more than once index.

In response to student requests, web sites from my four classes in academic year 2018-19 will remain available through Summer, 2019, and the site passwords for those courses will remain valid for access-restricted materials.

Recent Classes

Recent Undergraduate Four-Unit Courses

Recent One-Unit Freshman Seminars

Recent Graduate Courses

Discontinued Classes

Discontinued Undergraduate 4-Unit Classes

(When I became an administrator in 1994, I was no longer required to teach, although I continued to do so. This continued to be the case after I formally retired in 2004. Several classes taught in the past have dropped off the end of the approval shelf because they have not been taught for a long time. Just for the record, here is a list of some of these. Graduate students interested in pursuing some of these topics are invited to discuss the matter with me.)

Discontinued One-Unit Freshman Seminars

(What is a one-unit seminar are why are there three numbers for them?)

Discontinued Graduate Courses


UCSD Students Rejoice Hysterically at Being in Jordan's Class
(Picture shows simulated joy & hysteria.)

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