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Sīmǎ Qiān: The First Emperor of Qín

Table of Contents

Part I: The Rise of Qín
Introduction (Read this!)
Dramatis Personae (Read this!)
Chapter 1 The Birth of Zhào Zhèng, Prince of the State of Qín
Chapter 2 The Early Years: Military Expansion
Chapter 3 Year 8 (239 BC): Rebellions
Chapter 4 Year 10 (237 BC): A Chancellor Dismissed in Disgrace
Chapter 5 The Rise of Lǐ Sī, a Legalist in Action
Chapter 6 Years 13-18 (234-229 BC): Conquest & Slaughter
Chapter 7 Year 19 (228 BC): The King’s Mother Dies
Chapter 8 Year 20 (227 BC): An Assassination Attempt
Chapter 9 Years 22-25 (225-222 BC): Qín Becomes Unconquerable
Chapter 10 Year 26 (220 BC): Taking Stock; Qín Controls the Whole Land
Chapter 11 A New Title for the King of Qín

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Part II: China United
Dramatis Personae
Chapter 12 A New Order, Founded in Severity
Chapter 13 Lǐ Sī & Merit-Based Rewards
Chapter 14 Building Conformity
Chapter 15 Years 27-28/1-2 (220-219 BC): The Emperor Makes Tours of Inspection
Chapter 16 The Emperor’s Poem of Self-Praise at Mount Liángfù
Chapter 17 The Emperor’s Inscription at Mount Chéng Praising Qín
Chapter 18 The Inscription Continues
Chapter 19 Fairy Islands & the Tripod of Power
Chapter 20 Year 29/4 (218 BC): The Inscriptions at Mount Zhīfú
Chapter 21 Year 31/6 (216 BC): Brigands
Chapter 22 Year 32/7 (215 BC): Immortals Sought; City Walls Destroyed to Deter Rebels
Chapter 23 Year 33/8 (214 BC): Convicts, Conscripts, & Frontiers
Chapter 24 Year 349 (213 BC): The Old Elite Seeks Restoration
Chapter 25 Burning Books & Burying Scholars
Chapter 26 Year 35/10 (212 BC): A New Capital, New Palaces

Review Quizzes for Part II:
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Part III: Invincibility & Immortality
Dramatis Personae
Chapter 27 The Emperor Studies How to Live Forever
Chapter 28 Punishing Gossips
Chapter 29 Discontent Among the Officials
Chapter 30 The Emperor’s Self-Justification
Chapter 31 The Crown Prince Speaks Up & Is Punished
Chapter 32 32: Year 36 (211 BC): An Omen Appears
Chapter 33 Unsettling Thoughts
Chapter 34 Year 37/12 (210 BC): A New Tour of Inspection
Chapter 35 Another Glorious Inscription
Chapter 36 The Expedition Continues Without Good News

Review Quizzes for Part III:
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Part IV: Succession
Dramatis Personae
Chapter 37 The Emperor Dies, a State Secret
Chapter 38 A Forgery Is Prepared; So Are Fish
Chapter 39 The Imperial Tomb
Chapter 40 Year 1 of the Second Emperor (209 BC): Revising the Rites
Chapter 41 Touring To Show Imperial Power
Chapter 42 Zhào Gāo Takes Revenge
Chapter 43 The Princes Must Die

Review Quizzes for Part IV:
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Part V: Excess & Restraint
Dramatis Personae
Chapter 44 Palace Building for the Second Emperor
Chapter 45 Rebellion
Chapter 46 Year 2 (208 BC): Rebellion Spreads
Chapter 47 Zhào Gāo Sequesters the Emperor
Chapter 48 What Is the Use of Law?
Chapter 49 Year 3 (207 BC): Zhào Gāo Has Lǐ Sī Executed
Chapter 50 Zhào Gāo Declares a Stag To Be a Horse
Chapter 51 Zhào Gāo’s Military Sense Fails
Chapter 52 Zhào Gāo Plots the Emperor’s Death
Chapter 53 The Second Emperor’s Last Wishes
Chapter 54 The End of a Dynasty
Chapter 55 The Death of Zhào Gāo & the Division of Qín

Review Quizzes for Part V:
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Quizzes Spanning All Parts:
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