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First Emperor Part I (Quiz B)

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1. In the ninth year of his reign, Zhao Zheng put down a rebellion by a subordinate named Lao Ai, executing Lao and his followers by
burying them alive 
chopping off their hands and letting them bleed to death 
crucifying them 
beheading and dismembering them 
poisoning them 
ordering them to disembowel each other 
No Answer
2. The courtier Lü Buwei was dismissed in disgrace because he
was believed to be mixed up in the rebellion of Lao Ai 
demanded the return of a concubine taken from him by Zhao Zheng 
demanded the return of a concubine taken from him by Zhao Zheng’s father 
was a rival of the ever more powerful Li Si 
dared to defend a man arrested for stealing rice 
No Answer
3. Lü Buwei died in disgrace. Those who attended his funeral
were all executed 
were expelled, degraded, or forced to move to other districts 
made slaves 
tried to use the occasion to plot a rebellion 
brought offerings of flowers for Zhao Zheng rather than for Lü 
No Answer
4. In Year 18, the capital of the state of Zhao finally fell to the Qin forces. The Zhao capital, which has today been rebuilt in order to attract visits by tourists, was called
Handan  Xi’an  Xianyang  Taiyuan  Liaodong  No Answer
5. The First Emperor had been born in Zhao, and his mother’s family was from there. She died in Year 19, the same year in which Zhao fell to Qin. Upon his conquest of Zhao, Zhao Zheng
had all the enemies of his mother’s family buried alive 
ordered that an enormous mortuary temple be built in the Zhao capital to honor her 
issued a general amnesty to all people in Zhao who had defended it 
moved all his mother’s relatives to Qin 
No Answer
6. By year 26, the state of Qin had conquered all of its rivals and reigned supreme. The lords of the realm proposed that Zhao Zheng assume a new title of Tai Di (Supreme Emperor). The First Emperor preferred Huang rather than Tai. Huang means
No Answer
7. The First Emperor is referred to as Shi Huangdi. The syllable “shi” in this title means
of the Shi family 
No Answer

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