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*NAGPRA - the law

*Disposition of Culturally Unidentifiable Human Remains; Final Rule

NAGPRA Cultural Affiliation Guidelines

New NAGPRA Regulations (effective 5/14/10)

UC Advisory Group on Cultural Affiliation and Repatriation of Human Remains and Cultural Items

UCD, UCLA, and U. Michigan NAGPRA advisory committees

Indian Country Today 4/2/2010

Nature 4/1/2010

UNIVERSITY HOUSE CASE (newest first, see press articles below):


US Supreme Court - Denial of Writ of Certiorari (15-667) 1/25/16

*White et. al. v UC Regents - US Supreme Court Appeal for Petition for Writ of Certiorari

*Anthropologists Amicus Brief

*Ninth District Court Court of Appeals Dismissal

*Ninth District Court - Appellant's opening brief

*Ninth District Court - KCRC answer

*Ninth District Court - UCSD answer

*Ninth District Court - Appellant's answer

District Court Order Granting Motion to Dismiss

Corrected UCSD Brief and Motion to Dismiss

KCRC Motion to Dismiss

White, Bettinger, Schoeninger Opposition

University Reply

KCRC Reply

KCRC v UCSD - Kummeyaay Cultural Repatriation Committee Lawsuit

White v UCSD - White, Bettinger, Schoeninger (Appendices)

UCSD response to KCRC v UCSD - motion to dismiss

Kennewick Man case - Bonnichsen v US

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USB issues

UCLA case

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UCSD documentary history:

NAC letter to Yudof

Regents Approve Phase II Rehabilitation of UC San Diego's University House, 1/20/12

Notice of Inventory Completion-UC San Diego, 12/5/11

*President Yudof to Chancellor Fox, 5/11/11

*Meeting Summary & Report, UC Advisory Group on Cultural Affiliation and Repatriation of Human Remains, 3/2/2011

AIFSA letter to Yudof, 2/11

*UCSD letter to Tribes, 10/10

KCRC - renewed repatriation request

UCSD Academic Senate minutes re: Discussion Regarding NAGPRA Issue

UCSD Request to NAGPRA Review Committee

UCSD Academic Senate presentation - Ross Frank

Final UCSD Determination - NAGPRA request

Repatriation Teach-in PowerPoint - Ross Frank

UCSD Memo to UC Provost Hume

*UCSD NAGPRA Working Group Minority Report, 5/9/08

*UCSD NAGPRA Working Group Report, 5/9/08

UC Committee of Ground and Buildings attachment

UC Committee of Ground and Buildings

*S.Hector draft report on affiliation.doc

*D. Owlsley Report

UCSD Draft Inventory

*double burial.jpg

4-2 Univ. House Cultural.pdf

U House Archaeological Constraints Report public copy.pdf

D. Tuzin draft UH report March 22, 2007.pdf

RELATED PRESS (newest first):


Supreme Court Denies Cert on NAGPRA Claim 1/26/16

9th Circuit Rules for Repatriating Skeleton 8/27/14

Ancient Skeleton Sheds Light on Native American Roots 5/15/14

Archaeological Claims to Kumeyaay Ancestral Remains 4/15/14

Pipe Taken From Burial Site Returned to Tribes 6/28/12

Dispute over Native American Bones, 5/12/12

Repatriation and Reburial of Ancient Remains Delayed, 5/1/12

Ancient American Skeletons Safe From Reburial, But Only for the Moment, 5/1/12

U-C professors sue to stop ancient bones transfer, 4/25/12

Dispute erupts over ancient human remains found at UCSD, 4/24/12

* UCSD Sued Over Human Remains, 4/23/12

Dalai Lama to Meet Privately With Kumeyaay Nation Members on San Diego Visit, 4/13/12

Kumeyaay Cultural Repatriation Committee v. University of California et al, 4/13/12
(see brief above; see documents above)

*A New Attack on Repatriation, 4/9/12

*Who Owns the Past?, 3/27/12

UC Regents Approve University House Rehabilitation. 2/6/12

Researchers, Tribes Clash over Native Bones, 2/5/12

UCSD Chancellor's house on road to rehabilitation. 11/19/11

Grave Disputes, Science, 10/8/11

University House rehab builds on past, 9/23/11

Kumeyaay Ancestral Remains Held by UCSD, 8/22/11

Burial Site Pits Kumeyaay Against Scientists, 8/22/11

2011 National Day of Prayer to Protect American Sacred Places, 6/21/11

UCSD Administration Denies Research Access to La Jolla Skeletons, 5/29/11

Unexamined Bodies of Evidence - Science letter 5/20/11

*Scientists Fight University of California to Study Rare Ancient Skeletons, 5/20/11

*A Bone to Pick

Dwelling on Sacred Ground

University of California Withdraws Request to Return Ancient Remains to Local Tribe

University Backs Off in Transfer of Remains

*Study of Ancient American Skeletons Shows Their Importance

*Scientists in bone battle - Nature News article

*University of California administration rejects science, accepts tribal creationism

Ancient bones found at UCSD back in dispute

*No burial for 10,000-year-old bones - Nature News article

Who Pays For Mishandling Of Indian Burial Ground? - SD Union Tribune

*How UCSD Spent Over $500,000 on a Home Remodel That Never Happened

*Anthony Pico Address (excerpt)

Kumeyaay Tribes Seeking Remains

UCSD Drops Plan to Raze Chancellor's House

NASA Letter about UCSD Repatriation



Nation's Largest Indian Organization Condemns UCBover Human Remains

One-man Protest Against UCB

UCB's Bones of Contention

Senator Flores to Chancellor Birgeneau


Kumeyaay Section 2.pdf

Wilson rpt-case for repatriation.doc

UCSC Comments on UCLA Kumeyaay inventory-report.doc

UCR comments on UCLA report.doc

Bettinger.Kumeyaay case

UCLA Report on Kumeyaay Response.doc

UCLA kumeyaay_reply_4-26-02.doc

UCLA final - kum report.doc

Summary of 5-15-02 Advisory Group Meeting.doc

Carole Golberg letter


Julie Burelle, "Theatre in Contested Lands: Repatriating Indigenous Remains", TDR, 59.1, Spring 2015

What’s Old Is New Again 6/1/15

New DNA Results Show Kennewick Man was Native American 6/18/15

First DNA tests say Kennewick Man was Native American 1/17/15

Controversy, Dispute Envelops Palomar College Construction Site at Indian Burial Ground, 4/16/12

The Battle to Save Tom-Kav–Local Tribes Fight to Preserve Cultural Heritage, 4/17/12

Arion T. Mayes, "These Bones Are Read: The Science and Politics of Ancient Native America", American Indian Quarterly, 34.2, Spring 2010

Germany Returns Colonial-Era Skulls to Namibia

University of Michigan prepares to return remains

Rule poses threat to museum bones

Hush-hush archaeology
How scientists and Native Americans pulled off a major dig before the feds triple border fence destroyed everything

Ike, Bada, Masters, Kennedy, Vogel, "Aspartic Acid Racemization and Radiocarbon Dating of an Early Milling Stone
Horizon Burial in California," American Antiquity, Vol. 44, No. 3, 1979

Beyond Clovis (Owsley research).pdf


Kemp et al. 2007.pdf

Beringian Standstill and Spread of Native American
Founders (PLosOne article-0000829.pdf

Scientific and Cultural Vandalism.pdf

Genetic Variation and Population Structure
in Native Americans (PLosOne article.0030185.pdf)

Kumeyaay Creation Story (Manzanita)

Deborah Dozier. “Prologue” and “Bird Songs”, The Heart Is Fire (excerpt).

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