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              This is a short paper on Camarón's participation in the Cádiz school of cante.

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            This is a transcription and translation of three stories told by Pericón de Cádiz on a 45 rpm record that accompanied early editions of his book
            ( Mil y una historias de Pericón de Cádiz). Versions of these stories also appear in the book, but they are told somewhat differently from
            the record versions.

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         This is a short piece on these cantes and their history.

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          Tarantas are libre and Tarantos have compás - right?  Perhaps it isn't so simple:

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          The amazing story of why we are confused:

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          A tanguillo composed in honor of a very special plaza in Cádiz:



                Word file

               Soleá (solo)

               Bulerías (with La Fernanda de Utrera)


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