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NEW: Student essays on regions of Illinois (from pre-survey by Paul Sundberg)  4/5/99
Project I-57 electronic postcards (explore the "Interstate-57 Project" hub in NWU's Mediaspace)
Presurveys created by Kim Bidner at Fisher Grade School (Fall 1998)
Engaged Learning Teacher survey created by Suzanne Millies
What is Project I-57?  

Interstate 57 is a major US highway spanning the length of the state of Illinois (USA) - from Chicago in the north to Cairo in the south - along which the variety of lifestyles found in the state may be seen: urban, farming, industrial/mining.  

Project I-57 links five very different Illinois K-12 schools spread north to south along Interstate 57, giving these students and teachers a chance to conduct authentic research on their own communities, to interact via the Internet with their counterparts at other Illinois schools, and to gain experience with the diversity within their own state. Skills developed and integrated into their courses include social studies, reading, and math.  

The project was funded by a grant from the Illinois State Board of Education for the Fall and Spring 1998-99 semesters. 

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