Division of Social Sciences UCSD

Archaeological Projects

Chichen Itza, Mexico

Since 1994, Prof. Geoffrey E. Braswell has conducted archaeological field and laboratory research at the important Terminal Classic to Early Postclassic Maya city of Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico. In 2009, Braswell and a team of six UCSD graduate students were invited to conduct archaeological investigations at the city.

Pusilha Archaeological Project (PUSAP)

During the period 2001-2008, the Pusilha Archaeological Project (PUSAP) investigated secondary state formation at the largest and most important Classic Maya city of southern Belize. The project was co-directed by Prof. Geoffrey E. Braswell (UCSD), Dr. Cassandra Bill (Tulane University), and Christian M. Prager (University of Bonn).

Toledo Regional Interaction Project (TRIP)

The Toledo Regional Interaction Project (TRIP) began in 2009 in southern Belize, and will be an important focus of UCSD research for years to come. Expanding on our archaeological and epigraphic investigations at Pusilha, we are now attempting to understand how southern Belize functioned as a region.