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General Diacritic Screen

Link to Unicode Converter

For Mandarin

For Cantonese (Yale)

*-In Guangzhou the 1st tone is high falling. In Hong Kong it is high level.

For Esperanto (X*)

*-For other Esperanto input formats, click here.


Detailed Notes

This screen can be used to provide the diacritical marks conventional over some letters in Cantonese, Mandarin, and Esperanto, replacing Chinese tone numbers or Esperanto x-format letters. In the case of Mandarin and Esperanto, it also provides "ampersand" values for use in non-UTF-8-encoded web pages. (I ran out of steam on the Cantonese. So use UTF-8 already!)

The page is net-independent. Feel free to save a copy to your computer for off-line use.

Cantonese (Yale Spellings)

For Mandarin (Pinyin Spellings)

For Esperanto