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Nican Mopohua (“Thus It Is Told”)


Table of Contents

Chapter 4: The Third Apparition

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084. Auh in quihualtepotztocaya oncan atlauhtli quiza, inahuac Tepeyacac quauhpantitlan quipoloco. Manel oc nohuian tlatemoque aoccan quittaque. And those who were following him lost him on the wooden bridge where the brook comes out near Tepeyac. And even though they searched all over for him, they couldn't find him anywhere.
085. Zan yuh hualmocuepque, amo zaniyo in icomoxixiuhtlatito, noihuan ic oquimeleti oquincualancacuiti: And so they turned back. He made them angry, not just because they had made terrible fools of themselves, but also because he had frustrated their attempt.
086. Yuh quinonotzato in Tlatoani Obispo, quitlahuellalilique inic amo quineltocaz; quilhuique inic zan conmoztlacahuilia, zan quipipiqui in tlein quihualmolhuilia, anoce zan oquitemic, zan oquicochitleuh in tlein quimolhuilia in tlein quimitlanililia; So they went to tell the Señor Bishop, they put into his head that he shouldn't believe [Juan Diego]; they told him how he was only telling him lies, that he was only making up what he came to tell him, or that he was only dreaming, only imagining what he was telling him, what he was asking of him.
087. Auh huel yuh quimolhuique intla occeppa hualaz, mocuepaz, oncan quitzitzquizque, ihuan chicahuac quitlatzacuiltizque inic aocmo ceppa iztlacatiz, tecuamanaz. Therefore they decided that if he came again, if he returned, they would grab him right there and would punish him severely, so that he would never come again to tell lies or get the people all excited.
Form Challenge 087: What is the tense of "iztlacatiz" and "tecuamanaz"?
088. In oquíxquichica Juan Diego catca ixpantzinco Cemicac Ichpochtzintli; quílhuiaya itenanquíliliz in quitquilito itencopa Huey Teopixcatlatoani; Meanwhile, Juan Diego was with the Most Holy Virgin, telling her the response that he was bringing from the Señor Bishop;
089. in oyuhquimocaquilti in Tlatocacihuapilli quilhui: when she had heard it, she said to him:
090. "Ca ye cualli, ca ye yuhqui, noxocoyouh, nican moztla occeppa tihualaz inic tiquitquilitiuh huey teopixqui in tlaneltiliztli in nezcayotl in mitztlatlanilia. "That's fine, my dear son, you will come back here tomorrow so that you may take the bishop the sign he has asked you for.
091. Ic niman mitztlatolcaquiliz, ihuan itechpa ayoquic mitzchicomattiz, nlon motech chicoyollohuaz, With this he will believe you, and he will no longer have any doubts about all this and he will no longer be suspicious of you,
092. ihuan ma huel yuh ye in moyollo, noxocoyouh, ca nimitztlaxtlahuiz monetlacuitlahulliz, motlatequipanoliz mociammlquiliz, in nopampa titlapopolotoc. and know, my dear son, that I will reward your care and the work and fatigue that you have put into this for me.
093. Tlacuele, notelpotzin, ca tel moztla ye nican nimitzonchixtoz." So, go now: I will be waiting here for you tomorrow."
Pilgrims at the Shrine at Tepeyac Content Challenge 094: From the perspective of a dramatic narrative, what purpose is served, if any, for the Virgin to have Juan Diego return the next day rather than providing him with a sign immediately?

Picture shows pilgrims at the Shrine at Tepeyac
094. In imoztlayoc Lunes in icuac quihuicazquia in Juan Diego in itla inezca inic neltocoz aocmo ohualmocuep. And on the following day, Monday, when Juan Diego was to take some sign in order to be believed, he did not return.
095. Ye ica in icuac acito in ichan, ce itla, itoca Juan Bernardino, oitechmotlali in cocoliztli, huel tlanauhtoc, Because when he arrived at his house, the sickness had struck an uncle of his, named Juan Bernardino, and he was very ill.
096. Oc quiticinochilito, oc ipan tlato, yece aocmo inman, ye huel otlanauh. He went to get the native healer, who treated him, but it was too late; he was very ill.
097. Auh in ye yohuac, quitlatlauhti in itla in oc yohuatzinco, oc tlatlayohuatoc hualquizaz, quimonochiliquiuh in oncan Tlatilolco ceme in teopixque inic mohuicaz, quimoyolcuitilitiuh, ihuan quimocencahuilitiuh, And when night came, his uncle begged him to come shortly after midnight, while it was still dark, to call to Tlatilolco for some priest to go to confess him, to go to get him ready,
098. ye ica ca huel yuhca in iyollo ca ye inman, ca ye oncan inic miquiz ca aoc mehuaz, aocmo patiz. because he was sure that the time and place had now come for him to die, because he would no longer get up, he would no longer get well.
099. Auh in Martes huel oc tlatlayohuatoc in ompa hualquiz ichan in Juan Diego in quimonochiliz teopixqui in ompa Tlatilolco. And on Tuesday, while it was still night, Juan Diego left his house to come to Tlatilolco to get the priest.
Form Challenge 099: What are the parts of "quimonochiliz"?
100. Auh in ye acitihuitz inahuac tepetzintli Tepeyacac in icxitlan quiztica ohtli tonatiuh icalaquiampa, in oncan yeppa quizani, quito: And when he finally reached the little hill which ended the mountain range, at its foot, where the road comes out, on the side that the sun sets on, where he always passed before, he said:
101. "lntla zan nicmelahua ohtli, manen nechhualmottiliti iz Cihuapilli, ca yeppa nechmotzicalhuiz inic nic huiquiliz tlanezcayotl in teopixcatlatoani, in yuh onechmonahuatili; "If I go ahead on the road, I don't want this Lady to see me, because for sure, just like before, she'll stop me so I can take the sign to the church governor for her, as she ordered me to;
102. Ma oc techcahua in tonetequipachol, ma oc nic nonochilitihuetzi in teopixqui Motolinia, in notlatzin amo za quimochialitoc." because first our tribulation must leave us; first I must quickly call the priest; my uncle is anxiously waiting for him."
Usage Note: The term "teopixqui Motolinia" specifies a Franciscan priest. The word derives from Toribio de Benavente (1480-1569), a Spanish Franciscan, one of the founders of the town of Puebla, and author of a work on indigenous life in Mexico. He took the religious name of Motolinía from the Nahuatl verb tolïnia Vr3 = to be poor.
Content Challenge 102: Juan Diego wants to obey the Virgin, but he also needs to see to the needs of his dying uncle, and both seem to demand attention simultaneously. What should his priorities be? Why? Does he do this right?
103. Niman ic contlacolhui in tepetl; itzallan ontlecoc yenepa centlapal, tonatiuh izquizayampa quizato, inic iciuhca acitiuh Mexico, inic amo quimotzicalhuia in Ilhuicac Cihuapilli, He immediately turned toward the hill, climbed up across it where there is a pass, and emerged on the eastern side, so that he could go quickly to Mexico, but so that the Queen of Heaven would not detain him.
104. In momatti ca in ompa in otlacolo ca ahuel. quimottiliz in huel nohuiampa motztilitica. He thinks that where he made the turn, the one who is looking everywhere perfectly won't be able to see him.

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