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Daoist Yè Meets Four Ghosts

Daoist Yè Meets Four Ghosts

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“There is the smell of a living person in this
room. We should grab him.”
(Drawing by Sofia Cruz, Eleanor Roosevelt College,
UCSD, Class of 2026, by permission.)

Acknowledgements: The scanned traditional Chinese text is from the Gutenberg Project. Simplified and Pinyin versions were mechanically created from it. My translation was inspired and informed by the anonymously edited 1961 volume Rakontoj pri fantom-spitantoj. (Kompilita de la Literatura Instituto de la Ĉina Akademio de Sciencoj.) Tr. by Pandiŝo and L. Ko. Chinese title: 不怕鬼的故事. Beijing: Ĉina Esperanto-Ligo.

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