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Chronology of Troy

I am by no means a classicist, but have tried to assemble some dates that link recent discoveries at the site of Troy to a general outline of early Greek history. This is designed merely to supplement the reading of the Iliad and associated historical and archaeological background materials (link). Far more learnèd and/or exhaustive treatments may be found elsewhere on the Internet. For a quick overview of ancieng Greek history, click here.

Quick and Dirty Dates (All You Need To Know)

The detailed chart that occupies most of this page is for the fussy among you. Ordinary mortals can do fine if you remember (memorize!) four round numbers:

1400 BC   The Sack of Knossos & Fall of the Minoans
1200 BC   The Trojan War*
800 BC   Homer's Iliad
400 BC   Classical Greece

*-1200 is an excellent number to remember. It can ALSO work as a date for the replacement of the Bronze Age by the Iron Age without getting you into too much trouble.

Lots More Dates for People Who Love Dates

3000-1200 BC Bronze Age (Helladic) Greece

3000-2000 Early Helladic Period of Greek Bronze Age
(Virtually no Bronze is in use at the beginning of this period, which continues a Neolithic way of life in most areas.)
2000-1600 Middle Helladic Period of Greek Bronze Age

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1600/1550-1200 Late Helladic Period of Greek Bronze Age
(a.k.a. Late Mycenaean Age of Greek History)

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1150-750 Dark Age of Greek History

750-500 Archaic Age of Greek History

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500-323 Classical Age of Greek History

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323- Post-Classical Greece

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