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Jin, Y., Mousavi, M., & de Sa, V.R. (2018) Adaptive CSP with subspace alignment for subject-to-subject transfer in motor imagery brain-computer interfaces. Proceedings of the 2018 6th IEEE International Winter Conference on Brain-Computer Interface. link to paper

Mousavi, M., Koerner, A.S., Zhang, Q., Noh, E., & de Sa, V.R. (2017) Improving motor imagery BCI with user response to feedback. In Press BCI journal. link to paper

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de Sa, V.R. (2017). Improving information transfer rate in active BCIs. In Proceedings of the 7th Graz BCI Conference 2017. DOI: 10.3217/978-3-85125-533-1-23 link to paper

Mousavi, M., & de Sa, V.R. (2017). Towards elaborated feedback for training motor imagery brain computer interfaces. In Proceedings of the Graz BCI Conference 2017. DOI: 10.3217/978-3-85125-533-1-61 link to paper

Stivers, J.M., & de Sa, V.R. (2017). Spelling in parallel: Towards a rapid, spatially independent BCI. In Proceedings of the Graz BCI Conference 2017. DOI: 10.3217/978-3-85125-533-1-86 link to paper

Maddula, R.K., Stivers, J., Mousavi, M., Ravindran, S., & de Sa, V.R. (2017). Deep recurrent convolutional neural networks for classifying P300 BCI signals. In Proceedings of the 7th Graz BCI Conference 2017. DOI: 10.3217/978-3-85125-533-1-54 link to paper

Maryanovsky, D., Mousavi, M., Moreno, N.G., & de Sa, V.R. (2017). CSP-NN: A convolutional neural network implementation of common spatial patterns. In Proceedings of the 7th Graz BCI Conference 2017. DOI: 10.3217/978-3-85125-533-1-56 link to paper

Noh, E., Mollison, M.V., Curran, T., and de Sa, V.R. (2014). Single-trial identification of failed memory retrieval. Proceedings of the 48th Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers pp 21-15. doi:10.1109/ACSSC.2014.7094388 link to paper pdf

Noh, E, Mollison, M.V., Herzmann, G, Curran, T., and de Sa, V.R. (2014). Towards a passive brain computer interface for improving memory. Proceedings of the 6th International Brain-Computer Interface Conference, 2014. doi:10.3217/978-3-85125-378-8-17. link to paper

Noh, E., & de Sa, V.R. (2014). Discriminative Dimensionality Reduction for Analyzing EEG Data. Proceedings of the 36th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society pp 1090-1095. Austin, TX: Cognitive Science Society. link to paper

Velu, P.D, Mullen, T., Noh, E., Valdivia, M.C, Poizner, H., Baram, Y. & de Sa, V.R. (2013). Effect of visual feedback on the occipital-parietal-motor network in Parkinson's disease with freezing of gait. (to appear in Frontiers in Movement Disorders link to paper

Noh, E., Herzmann, G., Curran, T. & de Sa, V.R. (2013). Using Single-trial EEG to Predict and Analyze Subsequent Memory. (to appear in Neuroimage ). link to paper

Noh, E. & de Sa, V.R. (2013). Canonical Correlation Approach to Common Spatial Patterns. To appear in Proceedings of the 6th International IEEE EMBS Neural Engineering Conference. Nov 6-8, 2013, San Diego, CA. link to paper

Velu, P. D. & de Sa, V.R. (2013). Single-trial classification of gait and point movement preparation from human EEG. Frontiers in Neuroprosthetics 7(84) link to paper

de Sa, V.R. (2012). An interactive control strategy is more robust to non-optimal classification boundaries. ICMI'12 pp 579-586 October 22-26, 2012 Santa Monica, California, USA DOI 10.1145/2388676.2388798 pdf

Hammon, P.S. & Makeig, S. & Poizner, H. & Todorov, E. & de Sa, V.R. (2008) Predicting Reaching Targets from Human EEG. IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 25(1) 69-77 (Jan 2008). pdf

Hammon, P.S. & de Sa, V.R.(2007). Pre-processing and meta-classification for brain-computer interfaces. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 54(3): 518-525. Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/TBME.2006.888833 pdf

Hammon, P.S., Pineda, J.A., & de Sa, V.R. (2006). Viewing motion animations during motor imagery: effects on motor imagery. In G.R. Mueller-Putz, C. Brunner, R. Leeb, R. Scherer, . Schloegl, S. Wriessneggger, and G. Pfurtscheller, Proceedings of the 3rd International Brain-Computer Interface Workshop and Training Course 2006, pages 62-63, 2006. pdf abstract

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