LSA Open Access Symposium

Thursday, January 3, 2013, 4-7pmBoston Marriott Copley Place


The Linguistic Society of America's Committee of Editors of Lingusitics Journals (CELxJ) sponsored a symposium on Open Access publishing at the 87th Annual Meeting of the LSA. Building on its efforts with eLanguage, the LSA has recently committed to expand the range of the journal Language to include online-only, Open Access material, and has settled on a business model for supporting both Open Access publications and the Society.

This symposium was presented jointly with the Modern Language Association, whose 128th Annual Convention was held in Boston concurrently. The Presidential Theme of the MLA Convention was Avenues of Access, including Open Access and the future of scholarly communication. The efforts on the part of both of these organizations to increase public access to scholarly work were among the topics under discussion in this session.

See the description page for the text of the symposium proposal and the panelists page for the individual abstracts as well as slides, texts, and/or audio of the talks delivered at the symposium.