Most Current Presenter Schedule is posted below in Quick Links
(please advise us if changes need to be made to this schedule.)

On Tuesdays, Dr. Boyle will discuss and introduce a particular topic in the field of metabolic disorders of the brain. Thursdays will feature group-led presentation and discussions of important research papers specially selected for this course.

In addition, for each class, each student is asked to read the required readings, add the relevant data to your mind map, prepare notes and provide an interpretation of the data and for class discussion on selected figures or tables associated with the paper being presented that day.

Each group will be responsible for one presentation during the course.
During the quarter, each student is responsible for writing and posting two blogs in addition to helping with their group production of two instructional videos.

Topics and Expectations for COGS163

Group formation and paper selection will be determined during the first two weeks of classes.