Color Vision:


Nice Web site on color order systems:


A few links to pdfs of review papers of interest, mostly focused on recent advances or on material neglected in the text click on pdf to download:

Those in Ann. Rev. Neurosci. are fairly compressed and hard to read, other reviews not so designated are mostly less challenging.


A wonderful account by John Mollon of the history of ideas about color vision, especially trichromacy:  pdf

Dacey, Ann Rev. Neurosci 2000: Retinal Coding of Color: pdf

Gegenfurtner and Kiper, Ann Rev. Neurosci 2003: Color Vision:  pdf

Gegenfurtner, an accessible review of Cortical Mechanisms of Color Vision: pdf

Neitz, introductory review of Molecular Genetics of Color Vision: pdf

Yokoyama, evolution and molecular biology of color vision: pdf


Hot off the press: Mice are natively red-green blind, with only 2 visual pigments, but genetic engineering can now give them 3!  pdf




A couple of articles about the neural circuitry underlying receptive fields of neurons in primary visual cortex: Hirsch pdf , Miller pdf

Nice introductory review of the varieties of visual impairment that result from brain damage: pdf

Review of extrastriate visual areas in man and monkey by Tootell:  pdf

How the neural representation is efficiently adapted to the statistics of natural scenes (Ann. Rev. Neurosci.): pdf

Physiological evidence for top-down processing in visual cortex:  pdf

Object-centered representations in the brain (Olson, Ann. Rev. Neurosci.): pdf

Neural Systems for Face Recognition and Social Communication: Haxby  pdf


Doubts as two whether events in primary visual cortex are immediately reflected in conscious awareness:

            Rees and Koch pdf,  Crick and Koch pdf , Stoerig  pdf

Evidence that late-developing components of neural signals are important for awareness (Tanaka):  pdf