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Tractate of the Most High One
on Actions and Consequences
Chapter V

The Fate of the Wicked

1. For crimes such as these, the masters of fate, depending upon the gravity of the offence, cut short a person’s life by twelve years or by a hundred days.
2. And after that the person dies.
3. And if at death there still remain unpunished crimes, the bad luck is visited upon children and grandchildren.
4. And for all those who have wrongfully seized the property of others, they must compensate for it with their wives and children and other family members, even unto death.
5. Those who do not die and inflicted with disasters of water, fire, theft, loss of goods, disease, slander, and more until it offsets their unlawful appropriations.
6. Furthermore, for those who unlawfully killed people, it is like solders who exchange swords and kill each other.
7. To seize property unjustly is like relieving hunger with putrid meat or slaking thirst with poisoned wine:
8. it brings temporary satisfaction, but ultimately death.

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