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Tractate of the Most High One
on Actions and Consequences
Chapter II

How To Be Good

1. Follow the right path, and retreat from the wrong one.
2. Do not follow evil paths, nor sin in secret.
3. Accumulate merit, show a compassionate heart in all things.
4. Be loyal, filial, friendly, and brotherly; by correcting yourself, transform others.
5. Pity orphans and be compassionate to widows, respect the elderly and be kind to the young.
6. Do not even injure insects, grasses, and trees.
7. Be saddened by other people’s misfortunes and delight in their good fortune.
8. Help those in need and rescue those in danger.
9. Regard the gains of others as though they were your own.
10. And regard the failings of others as your own failings.
11. Do not expose other people’s weaknesses, nor boast of your own strengths.
12. Condemn evil and promote virtue, renounce much and accept little.
13. Suffer humiliation without resentment, receive benefits as though startled.
14. Extend help, but do not request compensation, help others without later regrets.

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