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Content created: 121124, File last modified: 151221

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Fǎxiǎn: A Record of Buddhist Kingdoms

In this chapter Fǎxiǎn refers to three predecessors of the Sakyamuni the Buddha, who was considered to be the fourth tathagata (rúlái 如来 or “rightful buddha”) of the present or Maha-bhadra period (kalpa). They were:

  1. Krakuchandra (Jūlóuqín Fó 拘楼秦佛), “he who readily solves all doubts”
  2. Kanakamuni (Jūnàshè-móuní Fó 拘那舍牟尼佛), “body radiant with the color of pure gold”
  3. Kasyapa (Jiāyè Fó 迦叶佛), “swallower of light”.