Instructional training, The Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching, and Learning
I've integrated evidence-based practices for teaching (gained via The College Classroom) in my past and current roles as Instructor, Lead TA, and Teaching Assistant in the departments of Linguistics, Human Development, and Psychology at UC San Diego.

Instructor, LIGN 8: Languages and Culture of America
This course fulfills a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion requirement at UC San Diego, and along with a brief intro to Linguistics, it covers the ways in which language is used as a tool to construct and dismantle identity at the individual and societal level [syllabus].

Lead TA, HDP 1: Introduction to Human Development.
This course introduces a developmental systems approach to human development, and students hear from researchers in varied disciplines who study the complex bi-directional relationship between biology, culture, and everything in between.

Teaching Assistant, Various courses.
I've been a teaching assistant for a variety of undergraduate courses at UC San Diego, including Syntax, Multilingualism, Second Language Acquisition Research, Research Methods (Psychology), and Language Development (Human Development Program). See my CV for a full list of the courses I've TA'd.